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 ANDREW THANAUJ KUMAR  - Chief Executive Officer

Placing Passion and Purpose above Profits - Andrew, an MBA from XIME started his blaze in Marketing and Branding in White Goods, Telecommunications, Banking, Logistics, and Healthcare. Currently a Marketing strategist, Branding, and Training consultant in Asia, Andrew is also a trained Commercial Pilot who keeps us all grounded… With nearly 20 years of professional marketing experience and expertise, Andrew’s market insights help provide rational perspectives to our projects. With Film production, Entertainment shows, and Advertisement films to his credit, Andrew has a grip on media dynamics, value addition to our team. He definitely misses his dabbling with Radio Jockeying, Modelling, and Acting. He was also a state-level athlete and hockey player.

ALICE ANDREW -Vice President

Brand & Institution builder in the Asia Pacific zone, Alice has been Associated for over 2 decades with multiple International Charities in an advisory or board capacity. Trained in the USA, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong, she has a penchant for Copywriting and Concept Creation apart from enjoying Conference speaking. With Media appearances in major electronic media such as NDTV, Star Vijay, DD, and All India Radio, she helps our business have the cutting-edge combination of competence and compassion! 


The Brand Builder, Creating Brand Leaders

CHIC - Creating High Impact Concepts is a film & media production company with a state-of-the-art studio. Idea Heavens has been producing a range of film and video genres visualising them through different mediums such as clay, sketch, animation, live video, etc! Our talents and time have transformed many a treasured dream into a visual reality!

Our passionate engagement helps you create a mind-share as well as a heart share for your product or services.  We have the experience and expertise to produce TV commercials, TV shows, full-scale documentaries, animation promos, and innovative gaming concepts too! Our Creative Arm is stretched out to any Passionate Corporate, Charity, or Concept Leader! This is because we desire and drive ourselves to Create, Establish and Retain brand leadership for our invaluable clients. Our creative expressions are almost always radical, relevant, and reasonably priced.